Collecting Borg’s operator dynamics

Once you have collected your Borg  runtime dynamics you can also retrieve Borg’s operator dynamics using the MOEAFramework by typing the following command:


java -cp MOEAFramework-2.4-Exacutable.jar org.moeaframework.analysis.sensitivity.ExtractData -d 6 -i myproblem.runtime -o operator_dynamics.txt -s "," NFE ElapsedTime SBX DE PCX SPX UNDX UM


where -d is the dimension of your problem, or the number of objectives, -i stands for input, in this case you would indicate the name of your runtime output, -o is the output file name and -s is the delimiter for your output file.  After these flags, you may write the list of operators that you want to collect separated by a space. This is a snippet of what I obtained after running the previous command:operators.png

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