Cyberduck setup to ssh files for Mac users

When looking for an equivalent WinSCP software for Mac, I bumped into Cyberduck, this an open-source application that supports SSH secure file transfer and it’s extremely easy to use.   So, this post provides illustrated instructions to set Cyberduck  with our “The Cube” cluster.

You can download the application from cyberduck download.  Once the download is completed you can  install it like any application, by dragging it into your applications folder.  Once it has been installed,  lounge it from there.

1) Click on the Open Connection button.


2) From the drop down menu select SFTP.


3) Provide the server name: along with  your username and password and click on the connect button.


4) Finally, if you want to save the server (so you don’t have to provide the same information over again) click on the Bookmarks button.


Then click on the small plus sign button in the lower left corner.


From the drop down menu select SFTP and provide a nickname, I would suggest “the cube”. Next, provide the server and your username.  The cube will now be saved in your Cyberduck bookmarks.


5) Upload files by dragging them into your Cyberduck window.



6) You can perform multiple tasks by exploring the Action drop down menu or by right-clicking your file.



I hope this helps the three of you in the world who have a Mac and a cube account and who don’t already use an SFTP interface.

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