Overleaf: LaTeX Collaboration and Publication

Calling all LaTeX users! Life is about to get much better thanks to the help of Overleaf. This intent of this brief post is to introduce you to the free collaboration and publication system, Overleaf.

To get started, go to https://www.overleaf.com and sign up. Once you sign up, you may start a project by using a provided template, loading your own .tex files, or starting with a blank file. You may also import your bibliography from your own .bib file, or from citation library tools such as citeulike, zotero, and Mendeley. My personal favorite features are the collaboration capabilities. You may share your projects with collaborators, granting read/write access. There is an intelligent comment tool that easily dates any and all Microsoft Word commenting features. Change history that records the time and contributor of each change is just found with a simple click. Version control is also no sweat. You may save versions throughout the writing, editing, and collaboration process with unique labels. Lastly, you may publish to a number of open source publishers and repositories that will allow others to discover and cite your research.

There are many additional capabilities of Overleaf that I have not described here. However, the website is visually appealing and intuitive for any user. To me, these characteristics are the main advantages of a tool like Overleaf over using git and GitHub for collaboration and version control for a LaTeX document. I hope this tool may help with any of your scientific collaboration needs.


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