Installing IPython


If you were at yesterday’s meeting, you’ve seen my enthusiasm for the ipython HTML notebook. This is a short post on how to get it set up.



Download the zip file from the iPython release archive. Pick the biggest release version number. Unzip it. Do

python install

Watch it complain about how you don’t have setuptools. Install setuptools as below and try again.


If you don’t have Python setuptools yet, go get it from PyPI, the Python Package Index.


Now that you have setuptools:

python -measy_install tornado


python -measy_install pyzmq

Linux (but not the cluster)

On Fedora, sudo yum install ipython. Probably sudo apt-get install ipython on Ubuntu, but let me know in the comments if I’m wrong about that and I’ll update the post. You might also need to install tornado and pyzmq, but I don’t recall having to do this. (I did my Fedora install a while ago.)

Starting the iPython HTML Notebook

iPython notebook --pylab=inline

A web browser should pop up. Click on “new notebook.”


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