MOEAframework on Windows

A lot of the posts on this blog cover MOEAframework used on Unix machines and high performance computing clusters.  However you can also easily use it on Windows!  Here are some steps to get started:

At, you need the “Java Development Kit” in addition to the regular Java already installed on your machine.

Next, follow the instructions here: to set up environment variables for your Windows machine. Make sure to add the JAVA_HOME and CLASSPATH environment variables and then add the JAVA_HOME string to the PATH as instructed.

Then, restart your computer

Open a command prompt (type cmd in the “run” window or search box on Windows 7/8).  Navigate to the directory in the command prompt that contains your MOEAframework example files.  The MOEAFramework-1.15-Executable.jar file should be in that directory along with  To compile the command is:

javac -classpath MOEAFramework-1.15-Executable.jar

Then to run it, you type:

java -classpath MOEAFramework-1.15-Executable.jar Example1

That’s it!  You should see some output in the command window that signifies that everything worked.  You can also use the MOEAframework GUI in Windows by double clicking the MOEAframework executable.

As always let us know if you have questions/comments below.


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