WordPress: How to post a Screenr/YouTube video

Update: As of October 2015, Screenr has been discontinued.

As a guide for other folks trying to post videos on this blog (and, I suppose, on WordPress in general), here is the workflow:

  1. Create an account on screenr. In order to make a video, simply press Record and follow the instructions.
  2. After your video is done, it will give you a link to a screenr video. You can simply post a link to this video and have the users navigate to it on their site. The cooler thing to do, though, is to embed the video on YouTube. So…
  3. Create an acccount on YouTube. Nowadays you can link your Google account so it’s very seemless.
  4. Back in Screenr, click Publish to YouTube. It will ask for your YouTube name and password. The video is automatically sent to YouTube, and you have to navigate back to the YouTube page to manage it. As it explains on the screen, it may take a few minutes for the transfer to complete.
  5. In YouTube, navigate to My Videos to manage your new video. One suggestion is to make the video Unlisted, which means that you need a direct link in order to watch it. In the Advanced tools, make sure Enable Embedding is clicked.
  6. Click Watch on Video Page to see what the video will look like inside YouTube. Then, click Share, and then Embed to get the Embed code. Copy it to the clipboard.
  7. Now we’re ready to make our WordPress post. Log in to WordPress. Navigate to the WordPress “dashboard” to create a new post (you want to be in the Dashboard to get all the advanced settings for a full post, not just the quick post editor). Type a description of your video. When you’re ready to put the YouTube embed code, open the “Text” tab in the editor and paste the embed code.
  8. Publish the WordPress post and you’re done!

3 thoughts on “WordPress: How to post a Screenr/YouTube video

  1. Thanks for posting this, and the example video … I had forgotten how to do this.

    What would you guys think of setting up a single youtube account for our group, where everyone knows the login info? That way all the videos would be on one “channel” … and we wouldn’t have to use our personal youtube accounts.

    EDIT: I just re-read above, if we’re making the videos unlisted then what I just said is basically irrelevant.

    • Joe and I talked about the joint account, I think I would prefer that so our videos are all available on the same channel for trainees. We can talk about that today in group meeting. We’d just have to agree on a group password and a channel name.

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