Zotero introduction (video)

I made a short Screenr video describing how to install and use Zotero for citation management in Word. Specifically, the Zotero standalone program plus the Chrome plugin. (Sorry about the breathing sounds in the microphone … I’ll work on that next time.)


EDIT: As far as I can tell, WordPress only allows embedding from certain video sites which do not include Screenr. So I guess you have to just open the link. Sorry about that.

Edit by Rachel: Here is a second Screenr video I created about Zotero that talks about importing/exporting citations as well as using the PDF search capability in Zotero. I recommend watching this video using a full screen so you can read the text.

4 thoughts on “Zotero introduction (video)

  1. Good tutorial, John! I’d just like to warn everybody to be careful with getting citation information from Google Scholar, Mendeley, and other web sources — it’s not always right, so it’s worth double-checking a citation after you’ve imported it. (For instance, conference proceedings are sometimes identified as conference proceedings, sometimes as journal articles, and sometimes as books, book chapters sometimes get identified as journal articles, and journal articles sometimes get identified as books.) Caveat importer!

  2. Good point. I have noticed that book chapters don’t always import correctly. Journal papers are usually pretty trustworthy though in my experience. Zotero will also work with Web of Science, which could be less problematic than Google.

    I laughed at “caveat importer”. You are a clever man.

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