Meeting Notes – January 18

Here are some notes about using the blog, that stemmed from our meeting this afternoon:

  • I’ve added an “About” and “Important Post” page that will always be on every blog page, in the upper right corner.  It explains the rules of the blog and gives Pat’s suggestion of “what to read first.”  Please update it as you see fit.
  • The “Important Post” page has some suggestions of what we need on future posts.  Please add additional suggestions on topics that need to be covered, and if you want to address one of the to-be-covered topics, please do!
  • Generally, try to log in any time you are using the blog.  You’ll get to see private posts, your name will be associated with comments, and you can add new posts or edit old ones.  If you are reading this and you are a member of “the public”, visit our group webpage and get in touch with Dr. Reed if you would like to become a member of the blog or contribute.
  • The post: WordPress Tips has best practices on how to use the blog.  For example, there’s a neat syntax highlighting plugin that makes code samples really nice.  Maybe we should add this content to the “About” page.

Action items for next week:

  • Dave will be giving a presentation next week on some new stuff he’s been cooking up.  At that time, we’ll collaborate with him on updating our training materials on using his new framework.
  • Matt will be posting a version of the GAA problem that you can use as a test.  We will need to coordinate with Dave to help get everyone up to speed on the new framework.
  • Check out the “Important Posts” page and add suggested new content or start posting desired content.

Thanks everyone!


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