Software for Comparing Files and Directories

I recently needed to compare a bunch of directories with one another in order to ensure that I had the most up-to-date files archived on my system.  For those of you involved on the AWR Comparison Study, it was for synchronizing all of the re-run data.  I found the following software available at quite useful in doing this.

WinMerge will help you to compare the contents of two directories to ensure that you don’t end up losing some files when you go to clean up your directories following a study.  Additionally, you can just drag both of the folders you want to compare into the main application window rather than having to browse to the directories.  It is very fast and efficient.

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2 thoughts on “Software for Comparing Files and Directories

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  2. When I see “comparing files” it reminds me that I should mention diff. This is a Unix utility that compares two files and reports the differences between them. Good programming text editors like vim and emacs include a diff mode that shows two files side-by-side, highlighting the differences between them. This can be a very handy way to figure out how you broke something.

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