What do you need to learn?

In our group meeting today, we discussed what topics need to be learned by someone entering the group.  Please update this list and add details as you see fit.  We’ll be discussing this at the training meeting on Jan 18.

  • LaTex – WinEdt, LyX, latex lab on the web, other editors
  • Matlab (Basic matrix operations, File I/O, different plot types, plot formatting)
  • Visualizations (Animations, Matlab to Illustrator)
  • Parallel programming
  • Programming (A series of basic C/C++ tutorials – compiling/running, loops and if/else, function prototypes, structures … more advanced might include makefiles, memory management, and debugging tools. These would go well with embedded Screenr videos.)
  • How to verify a model (e.g., translations from other languages)
  • String processing/working with data.  How do you transfer an ASCII data file into different formats?  Are there tips/tricks with moving between Matlab, Excel, AeroVis, and statistical packages?
  • Logging in to cluster (getting access, SSH/WinSCP, basic UNIX commands, running executables)
  • Version control – How do you use it? Where is it?
  • Bibliography tools – EndNote, BibTeX
  • Backup protocols
  • Specific tools – Sobol, Robust Decision Making, Non-Dominated Sort
  • Java applets for sharing data on the website
  • Website creation, html
  • How do I create a presentable result?
  • Powerpoint (creating effective slides using both PP tools and externally created animations)
  • MOEA Framework
  • Scripting to write scripts (using one scripting language to “brute force” another)

Who will do what?

  • Jon: I will do programming tutorials (C/C++ and Matlab) as time permits, cluster stuff, and Sobol. And of course I can also help out with in-person training on the same topics.
  • Josh: I can provide training and advice as needed on any of the following languages, packages & systems – C/C++, Python, Qt, VTK, Visit, Matlab, Unix (all PSU HPC systems, TACC, and many other XSEDE systems), Visual Studio, Fortran compilation using the Intel compiler in Visual Studio, code mixing, Cygwin, compiling and using Java under Cygwin, Visual Studio, Eclipse, LaTeX, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  My primary focus however will likely be on AeroVis support.  I have a lot of notes I have collected over the years on various compilaton issues, etc.  I will try to slowly post this material as time permits.  Currently, most of my notes are in MS OneNote. I would recommend this software as a useful tool for easily jotting down notes as you are working.

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